Daniel Ortiz

    Daniel is a film director (ethnographic and documentary) and a social researcher with a background in social anthropology (Mexico). He has over 20 years of experience researching and working with various social and cultural associations in Mexico.

    During the five first years of his career of applied research, he was involved in projects that aimed at raising awareness about the use of territorial resources in the rural and indigenous communities in the interior of Mexico, notably in Michoacán.

    Building on this experience, Daniel designed methodological tools for social work and participative research that served to develop a project with the Research Institute for the Development of Education. This project aimed at elaborating methodological tools for research in multicultural environments so as to design an educational model in Mexico whereby cultural diversity was valued as an advantage.

    Since 2012, Daniel is an active member of the NGO “Ile du Monde”, located in Paris, that aims at promoting the different cultures of France brought about by migrations. In 2018, the association has been accredited by the UNESCO in acknowledgement of its work on the immaterial trans-local heritage. In this framework, Daniel conducted fieldwork for 2 years in Saint Laurent du Maroni (French Guyana) for an ethnography of the Bushinengues’ art, the Tembe.