Christopoulos Dimitris

    Dimitris Christopoulos is associate professor of comparative politics at the Department of Political Science and History of Panteion University in Athens where he teaches public law and human rights focusing on migration, minorities, citizenship and freedom of expression.

    Christopoulos studied law at the University of Komotini in Greek Thrace and continued his postgraduate studies (D.E.A) in political science and European studies at the University Robert Schuman in Strasbourg, masters’ degree in legal theory at the European Academy for Legal Theory in Brussels and his PhD in public law at the University Jules Vernes of Picardie (Amiens) in France from where he graduated in 1996.

    He regularly provides lectures in different universities in Europe and the US. Christopoulos has published in Greek, English, French, Portuguese, Hebrew, Albanian and Serbo-Croatian in scientific reviews or journals in the field of legal and political theory focusing on issues related to human rights, minorities, migrants and citizenship.

    From 2003 to 2011, he chaired the board of the Hellenic League for Human Rights, and as of 2013 he is a Vice President of the International Federation for Human Rights. Christopoulos is frequently interviewed by international or Greek media and writes regularly in the Greek press, thus contributing to the promotion of a human rights awareness culture in the country. He has been particularly active during the Greek financial crisis.

    Among his books:


    Droit, Europe et minorités – Critique de la connaissance juridique, Ed. Sakkoulas, Athens, 2000 (438 p. in French ISBN: 960-15-0383-8)

    Η ετερότητα ως σχέση εξουσίας (Otherness as a power relation) , Ed. Kritiki, Athens 2002, (303 p. in Greek ISBN 978-960-238-262-8)

    Ποιος είναι έλληνας πολίτης; Καθεστώς ιθαγένειας (Who is a Greek citizen? Status of the Greek nationality) Viviliorama Pub. 2012 (404 p. in Greek ISBN 978-960-8087-99-6)

    Στο ρίσκο της κρίσηςΣτρατηγικές της αριστεράς των δικαιωμάτων (At risk in the crisis – Left human rights strategies) Alexandreia Pub. 2013 (213 p. in Greek ISBN 978-960-221-582-1)

    H κρίση των δικαιωμάτων (Ηuman rights’ crisis), e-book, Nefeli pub. 166 σελ., isbn 978-960-504-140-3

    Forthcoming with Georgia Spyropoulou in May 2016 :

    Προσφυγικό: «θα τα καταφέρουμε»; Ένας απολογισμός διαχείρισης και προτάσεις διεξόδου. (Refugees: “Shall we make it”?) Papazisis Pub. 2016


    Το μειονοτικό φαινόμενο στην Ελλάδα (The Minority Phenomenon in Greece), with K. Tsitselikis, Ed.   Kritiki, Athens 1998, 4thedition, (461 p. in Greek, ISBN 960-218-148-6))

    Τα δικαιώματα στην Ελλάδα από το τέλος του εμφυλίου ως το τέλος της μεταπολίτευσης (Human Rights in Greece from the end of the civil war to the end of “change of regime”) 1953-2003, with M. Tsapogas, Ed. Kastanioti, Athens 2004 (p. 517 in Greek ISBN 960-03-3866-3))

    Η Ελλάδα της μετανάστευσης (Migrations Greece) with M. Pavlou, Ed. Kritiki, Athens, 2004, (p. 420 in Greek ISBN 960-218-388-8)

    The Ombudsman in Southeastern Europe, with D. Hormovitis, Ed. Sakkoulas – Bruylant, Athens-Brussels, 2005 (353 p. in English ISBN: 2-8027-1958-0)

    Iδιότητα του πολίτη: Πολιτικός λόγος, κανόνες, ιστορία σε συγκριτικές προοπτικές (Questionning citizenship: Political Discourse, Norms and History in Comparative Perspectives) with G. Kouzelis, Athens, Patakis Ed., Athens, 2012, (p 324 in Greek)