Alhouch Hala

    Hala Alhouch works as an interpreter as well as photographer for EU Border Care. Alhouch has spent, so far, half her life in Syria and half her life in Greece. She moved to Greece at 19 to join her Syrian-Greek new husband. In September 2016, she started working as an interpreter for Amurtel, a Mother-Baby Center in downtown Athens, which caters exclusively to refugee women and practices the midwifery model of care. Alhouch, herself a mother of two, has embraced and promotes the main tenets of this model, including its emphasis on natural birth and breastfeeding. Also an avid amateur photographer, she recently started taking an art photography seminar, and uses a Nikon D3300 camera (lens 1850). Her gaze reflects her diverse positionality as a Syrian, a resident of Greece, a woman, and an advocate for refugees as well as for the midwifery model of maternity care. Yet more than the compilation of her fragmented identities, she insists on defining herself as a human being, and one who lives in an interconnected world. “What happens in Syria is part of me, but what happens in Afghanistan as well; it concerns me. What happens in Greece also makes me sad; in the planet as a whole; we are one.” She understands her picture-taking as a form of help that she can offer using her particular skills. Her desire is to see the truth of refugees – their plight, but also their positive experiences – and to shed light onto it and document it, to get it out there for the world to see.