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Cynthia Helen Malakasis

MalakasisCynthiaI joined the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies in April 2016 as a post-doctoral research associate at the EU BORDER CARE project, funded by an ERC Starting Grant (2015-2020) and directed by Professor Vanessa Elisa Grotti. I received my Ph.D. in Global and Sociocultural Studies (Anthropology track) at Florida International University. My doctoral project examined whether and how post-1989, mass immigration to Greece challenged the country’s nationalist norms of collective belonging.

I am a cultural anthropologist interested in nationalism, ethnicity, race, post-colonial dynamics with an emphasis on intra-European hierarchies, the social media, and Greece. More recently, I have shifted my attention to the relationship between formal and substantial citizenship, and particularly processes that determine what constitutes a right and the types of political subjects with access to citizenship rights and protections.