Interview of Vanessa Grotti with the Observatory MATER

[Mater] What is your main topic of research at the moment? Can you give us a short explanation of the project you are currently leading in Italy?

[VG] My main topic of research at the moment focuses on kinship and reproduction, with a specific focus on borderlands hospitals. I run an ERC-funded project which studies comparatively maternity care to undocumented patients in densely crossed borderlands in the Mediterranean and Overseas France. In the Mediterranean, my project is based in Greece (mainly in Athens), southern Spain (Melilla and Ceuta) and southern Italy (Sicily and Lampedusa). I am hoping to be able to extend research into Malta in the near future. I am also currently working on undocumented human remains and their social and ritual life in southern Italy, but this is a smaller project. I am also part of a feminist collective called the Zika Social Science Network, which examines reproductive rights and justice in the light of the Zika epidemic and its lasting consequences.

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